GT440 - GDDR5 or GDDR3

Hi all; I am planning to get an NVIDIA GT440 sometime in the near future and was wondering if I should get the GDDR5 version or the GDDR3 one. Both have the same memory amount (1gb) and I don't know which one to get.

The GDDR3 version -

The GDDR5 version -

Some other possibly useful info.

CPU - AMD Athlon II 630
PSU - Standard HP 300w

Thank-you all in advance

P.S Price isn't an issue and if you think it is bad choice for my system please recommend a better one.
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  1. you should buy a better psu and buy a gts 250 intead
  2. ur gonna have to upgrade ur power supply if u wanna upgrade ur graphic card, whats ur budget, and also the card with gddr5 would be faster than the ddr3 ,
  3. My budget overall would be around £150.
    I know I should get another PSU but I think I may make a mistake in the installation process.
  4. The gDDR5 variant has 51.2GB/sec memory bandwidth compared to 28.8GB/sec for the gDDR3 it should provide slightly better performance in memory intensive applications such as gaming. The minimum recommended power supply by nVidia is 300watts....the card itself has a TDP of 65watts for the retail version. The GTS250 will perform better.....but it also has considerably higher power consumption as well.

    Source: <--retail specs, not oem
  5. Would you recommend the GDDR5 version of the 440 over the GDDR3 version then if I couldn't get a 250/450 for a while. (I plan on doing a complete PC overhaul in August) I just want something that would keep me going on decent frame rates until then otherwise it looks like a may have to use the intergrated 6150 nForce 430 graphics :??:
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    yes go with the gddr5 , which would be faster and better,
  7. Ok thank you for your help.
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  9. cheers
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