Crossfire with Creative - Is there a hassle?


Before I'm asking anything, I'm giving you my computer's specifications:

-Intel core i7-875K unlocked (3.56GHZ)
-Corsair H50 liquid cooling
-G.SKILL 1600mhz DDR3 - 4GB RAM 7-7-7-24
-ASUS P7P55d-e PRO socket 1156 motherboard
-(2x) XFX HD 5850 in CrossfireX
-CoolerMaster HAF 932
-Creative X-Fi sound Blaster FATAL1TY Titanium Sound Card
-(2x) Lite-on 24X DVD writers
-14-in-1 card reader
-Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black
-TP-Link 3 Antenna 300MBPS

I do not know if I should put this thread in "Motherboard", "Graphics & Displays" or "CPU & Components". If it is not in the good category, I'm sorry I'm new here :S

The problem is:
I have my HD 5850s in Crossfire mode on two PCI-e x16 slots. I have my Creative sound card installed on the first PCI-e x1 slot. When they are installed like I said, my sound card's drivers are slow and buggy (for example, my Creative Console Launcher is very slow and sometimes closes down by itself). The sound is not affected; it is nice, fast and clear.

When I disable the Crossfire mode, my sound card's drivers responds normally.
All my drivers (GPU and Sound Card) are all up to date.

I don't know if the problem is due to drivers, motherboard's lane-related stuff or simply badly installed hardware. I do want to keep my sound card, because I need it to record stuff by the Line-In.

Is the motherboard's sound card sufficient to record by the Line-In/Mic jack my guitar playing? I hate when recordings has "hum".
Is there a way to solve the problem?

Thank you for your help,

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  1. Can anyone help me... Please? :S I'm really stuck.

    I tried to download the beta version of Console Launcher (2.61.49) and it seems to launch a little bit faster, but the problem is still there. Any solutions?
  2. Please help!!!
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