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BFG GTX 260 Question

It is one of those BFG TECH GTX 260 cards and it has two connectors, but only one adapter.

Do I need to have two plugged in or just the one it came with, that has two power connectors connected to the 6pin adapter plug.
And if only 1 connector is needed do I use the first or second connector or will it matter?

or... does it need all 4 power connectors connected to the two adaptors?

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  1. well dont you have 1 PciE power cable on the Power supply and use the adapter to the other
  2. No - cheap P/S I guess - even if it is 450watts...
  3. well than i think you have to get 1 more adapter btw are there enough amps on the V12 rail to run the BFG GTX 260 you should have around 30
  4. I am thinking i need a better P/S just in case - recommendations?
  5. can you post your computer specs?
  6. BTW GTX 260 Needs a minimum off 500 W and 38 Amps on the v12 rails
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    can you give more details on your PSU? nvidia recommend 500w PSU for the card and you need good amount of amperage on 12v rail as well. if i'm not mistaken you going to need at least 36A on the 12v rail so cheap generic PSU is definitely out of question if you really want that card in your system. btw did your BFG card is brand new or second hand one?

    Pretty cheap and good 2 PciE connecters and 40 Amps 600W
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  10. Card is brand new - MB is an ASUS M4785-m - CPU is AMD Phenom x4 9850 Quad core.
    All parts are new...

    I just went out to the corner, to the local Computer store (True Story)
    And got a 500 watt P/S with a pcie power connector.
    Now to close it all up and load the OS and stuff and see how it goes.

    THX to all

    Will post a follow up
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