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Reinstalled Windows 7, now it won't connect to the internet

So I recently wiped my harddrive due to a blue screen and reinstalled windows 7. Now it won't connect to the internet at all. It is wired to a wireless linksys WRL54GL but does not detect it. Any suggestions?

I was thinking I may need to update some of my network drivers, which is going to stink doing that offline. I just wanted to make sure there aren't any more routes I could go to fix this problem

Thanks in advance.
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  1. So, unplug it from the router and plug it in to Ethernet port in the PC.
  2. Or download the drivers to the USB pen drive in friends house or in the library.
  3. Or find the original CD.
  4. Look in the device manager. Do you have any NIC drivers loaded?
  5. nikorr said:
    So, unplug it from the router and plug it in to Ethernet port in the PC.

    Already did that, didn't work. I'll try the NIC thing when I get back to my room.
  6. Alright so there is no section on the device manager labeled "Network Adapters" where the NIC should be located.
  7. If nothing is working - How about a Firmware update, just a thought!!
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    NIC drivers should be on the MB disc and generic drivers are on Windows disc.
  9. It's all set, I had to put my MB drivers on a USB and now it works. Thanks!
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