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Okay how does this build look?

ive been amd only for the last 12-13 years but im ready to move to intel with the specs ive been reading
ive got on order:
cooler master 212+
8 gb g.skill ripjaws 2133
asrock z77 extreme4
rosewill ranger case

with existing
sapphire 5850 (plan to go to cf soon)
ocz agility 3 60gb os drive
ocz agility 3 90 gb game install drive
wd 1tb black
corsair 650 watt psu
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    Looks fine to me. Though you could have gotten 1600 ram instead. You will not see a noticeable difference with 2100.
  2. thats what i was afraid but for 15 bucks difference with 9 dollars off from newegg how could i resist?
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