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I am in the process of building a new rig and most parts are already purchased via newegg and tigerdirect. My current parts are Asus P8P67 EVO, Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram, Kingwin Lazer Gold 850W, Intel i7-2600k, WD Caviar Black 500 and two Asus DVD/CD Write Drives.

The hardest decision Im having is which CPU Heatsink to use. Unfortunetely I bough the Corsair Vengeance before realizing Im gonna have some issues with the height of the heatsink.

1) Which CPU cooler does everyone recommend with the EASIEST install. I have never built a system before but have worked on some coin-op arcade games before so have a very small amount of expertise. Have heard the Hyper 212+ is a PITA to install. Was thinking of the Venemous X RT, or Corsair A50. Or possibly one of the Corsair Hydro models h50, h70 (but unsure of the safety of the components via water). So basically which cooler does everyone recommend. Will eventually be OC'ing a little which is why Im going to upgrade from stock heatsink. Also I should mention I have an Antec 902 case (not the V3).

2) Buying the graphics card next week along with the CPU cooler. Debating whether to go with a GTX 570 and with an SSD boot disk. Or do without the SSD and use the Caviar Black 7200 Sata 3 for bootdisk with GTX 580. Is there much difference in the two for price vs performance?

Thanks in advance. Been reading for awhile but like I said my major concern is the heatsink with ease of install and use of the Vengeance RAM. Im only using 2x4 modules with a total of 8 so even if one slot is blocked I should be alright.
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