TDR Errors on a 5 year old game!! in Windowed mode!!!!

Hi all,
I am seeking your knowledge today to see how to solve this:
I can play most games on my PC just fine with no TDR errors AT ALL
(Well, MW2 has an occasional TDR when playing on rust, aswell as FIFA11)
SO today I got Civilization 4...
I can play Civ5 without a single TDR for HOURS (HOURS)
I was playing Civ4, and on turn 5, with the game in windowed mode and everything on high, it TDR'd.
It recovered from the TDR.
1 turn later, another TDR.
And the same over and over.
Why is this happening on CIV4? when I can run Civ5 No prob?
Thanks to all in advance.
Athlon 64X2 4600+
GeForce 9800GT
350W OEM delta PSU
Asus M2r-FVM
2GB ram
Nothing overclocked, temperatures are fine (CPU never above 60, GFX never above 75, Mobo never above 42)
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  1. Would installing XP fix it?
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