I'm building...yep a new machine....sort of

Hi, Hello, Hey

Building a new machine
I want to use an AMD processor.

I am not a gamer. I do however do pretty intensive photoshop and digital photo manipulation.

I have or will re-use an ATX case, keyboard, logitech mouse, wacom tablet, a 500g drive I just got, + 2 hp LCD monitors

I've settled on
ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Motherboard

8 Ggs of DDR3 memory

GeForce 9500 GT Video Card - 1GB DDR2, PCI Express 2.0

the opionions and expert observations I need are which processor to get. I know based on my board choice I need an A3 socket compatible CPU.
Beyond that, not a clue. The more I read the less I know.

Thoughts anyone?

Oh and I'm running W7 pro and CS4

Thanks for your input
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    I strongly suggest going with Intel on this one. Reason being? Well just see here:
    1100T vs 2500K

    The i5 2xxx will all show similar results, specifically the i5 2400 which is 40$ cheaper but performs just the same and would beat any AMD chip on the market currently.

    In short, here is my list for you.

    i5 2400 + MSI H67MA-E35 (USB 3 + SATA 3) $262:

    Patriot 8GB DDR3 85$ + $15 MIR:

    Corsair CX430 40$ + 20$ MIR:

    Sapphire 5450 36$:

    Total: $423

    The 5450 is sufficent enough to run Photoshop or whatever you're doing on two monitors. As long as it doesn't involve gaming. The i5 2400 is great chip and would speed up some renders, along side the 8gb of ram
  2. Thank you Squidoo for the advice. I will take this under consideration. The far as I can understand them are good. I forgot to mention I have a perfectly good 450w pwer supply but that said I'm concerned about the video card suggestion, not to mention that the mobo is 2x what I intended to spend on such a purchase. thank you again.
  3. Uhhh no....

    The MSI H67MA + The i5 2400 costs 262. Your mobo costs 2 more than the H67. You've flip flopped them sir. With the 18$ discount from the combo. The H67 is 72$. Your Asus mobo is 140$. That's double the price.

    Also if you don't need the PSU, then just drop it. May I ask which 450w is it? And why are you concerned about the GPU?,10.html
    It'll run triple if you wanted to.
  4. oh, so sorry, I was pricing the mobo alone, which I found for 140.00. Yes indeed you are correct.
    my psu is an nspire 450w switching pwr supply
    my concern for the GPU is to get the best image resolution and clarity I can. The link you sent me sights mixed review. Clearly good as a cheap card but driver issues. Still will look closer at it. Thank you for your efforts. They are much appreciated.
  5. That power supply is far from "good".
    "Nspire ATX power supplies are best for Pentium Prescott Systems"
    That's several generations behind Sandy Bridge. I honestly doubt that it even offers 450w any more because it wasn't even 80+ certified before and I cannot find a reputable review from a major site (THG, HardOCP, Guru3D, JohnnyGuru, ETC)

    As for gpu:,2844-7.html
    It offers better quality than your 9500 GT. And those reviews are not even believable on the Egg.

    I highly doubt ALL those people's tech level is 5 out of 5 if some of their reviews seem like they know barely anything at all about them. If you want a driver review. I've used every driver that has come out for the 5850, which would be the same for the 5450, absolutely no problems if you know what your doing.
  6. Is there any value in suggesting an NVIDIA gpu for CS4 work because of the CUDA acceleration? Is this why you went with the 9500 GT originally, stblaise?

    Maybe a GT 430 or GTX 450?
  7. wow, this is great, I have to rethink my build. This is terrific. Much less costly and efficient than buying it first then coming here.
  8. Cuda only helps in ADOBE PREMIRE PRO. Utilizing the Mercury Engine.

    Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom (etc. I just named the more famous of the CS series) do not even utilize CUDA. Photoshop does with a TINY plugin, but with the recent addition of the spot heal tool, that plugin is rendered useless because the spot-heal is so much faster.
  9. mortonww said:
    Is there any value in suggesting an NVIDIA gpu for CS4 work because of the CUDA acceleration? Is this why you went with the 9500 GT originally, stblaise?

    Maybe a GT 430 or GTX 450?

    NO! I know enough to make a mess and be dangerous. It seemed to me (probably incorrectly) that 1 gig GPU would have a better image than something with less. Squidoo is making me revisit and learn a bit more about what I'm actually looking at.
    I chose AMD over Intel because of cost and I've had good results with all the AMD's I've had. but again i'm having to rethink this.
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