Screw stuck, been trying to get it out for 24 hours of motherboard. frustrated,

hi, im frustrated as hell right now my motherboard is stuck to the case and the top of the screw is stripped. i cant take it out with pliers, superglue, or a screwdriver. i need to get this out. its pissing me off. i cant get any help on these forums. please help me. i can post pictures if needed. its closest to the back panel, and its a asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard. i can see the back of the standoff screws but i dont know how to get the screw stuck in the standoff out. please help, im really really frustrated.
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  1. can you get under it and twist the stand off out from behind?
  2. If you can get the right angle, you could use wirecutters to snip the top of the screw off. Otherwise, kulukevin's suggestion is your best bet (needle nose pliers should do the trick).

    Good luck!
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