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I was thinking about either 2 setups that I would be using for gaming. My main thing is gaming and that's what im building this for, to max our all current games at Maximum Settings (Crysis 2, ArmA 2, BF:BC2, etc...) Would be great to hear from all of you on which setup would be the better buy.

Things I already have: 6950 2gb MSI GPU, Monitor. Speakers. keyboard, mouse.

Items that will stay same on both builds: Windows 7, Arctic Silver 5, and

CPU Cooler:

First idea list build.

As you can see its a combo bundle

Second idea list build.

That combo is currently unavailable but if its better I will wait until it comes into stock again and buy it. Thanks guys for your assistance.
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  1. I'd go for the cheaper one with the Ripjaws and the Antec PSU for sure.
  2. Well the only thing about the first one that's noticeably better is the computer case as it has an additional fan and has a lot more space for all my parts for better cooling?
  3. anyone else?
  4. The second combo for sure if it comes in stock.
    but you only save ~$50 with the combo discount. It is smarter to pick all the parts separately and then search for combos on what you have chosen.
  5. If you're just looking to stay with one gfx card then I 2nd the 2nd. The first has PCI 16x/4x, which doesn't do much good if you want to xfire
  6. SLI/Crossfire isn't reccommended on either of them to be honest.
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