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Im getting 2 GTX 570 considering the amount of the heat they would generate would this case be enough for a safe OC of these babies?? and what about the Antec 300 or the CM 690 II? also none of these have 3.0 usb ports, does anyone knows of a cage that has suports 3.0 usb and is 60$ top? I know is a very tigh budget but any suggestion is appreciate
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  1. Assuming you are in USA go to NEWEGG and computer cases then search in computer cases search for usb3.
    Amazon will have some too.
    Thermaltake ARMOUR A60 $75-25 rebate = $50, Lian Li PC K57 (WAS $60, OUT OF STOCK, new stock has USB3, not sure with old, new $140 omg) [Amazon : NZXT Source 210 $50 shipped, will need fans, not toolless]
    These are possibilities with USB3, depending on buy date, rebates, and shipping, ie over limit now, newegg.
    Approx NZXT Source 210 (white or black) $50 +$15 ship, Rosewill FUTURE Gaming $70 shipped, Inwin BUC $95-30 rebate $65. Thermaltake V9 Black $95-$25 rebate= $70.
    You will find some reviews here on Toms.
  2. Hi.

    The CM 690 II Advance is your best option there, avoid the thermaltake V9, that case isn't good and for SLI could be a problem. Another option is the HAF 922 or HAF 932 if you can spend a little more.
  3. The Lian Li offers 8 expansion slots, a 140 mm intake and a 120 mm exhaust fan, and 2 top 140mm fan mounts(no fans) and side window for $65 shipped, The top panel comes off too easy, unpainted inside, the window may arrive cracked, and the on/off swich may fail? magnificently easy to build.
    Front usb3 involves add on kit.
    CM 890 II Advanced lowest price appears $98 - $10 rebate= $88.
    Sentey Optimus has USB3.
    Price wise the Cooler Master HAF 912 is $60 (Amazon) shipped with 7 expansion slots for motherboard and 2 fans. Plain inside, elder design but strong and works.
    I would argue for the Lian Li as the best choice, but I have and like both.
    The Antec cases are good cases except for wire management.
    I like the Rosewill Challenger at $50 shipped, not as much cooler space though.
  4. Couple of 570's and a budget case! Don't think its a good combination bro. May be you can drop down to two 560 Ti's (easily ovefclockable to 570 clocks) and get a good case in the process. The Lancool PC K62/K63 would be my recommendations then. There's also the Antec 902 V3 as a potential option.
  5. The Lancool PC K62 is internally the same as the PC K58 and PC K60. The PC K60 includes 2 top 140mm fans, the PC K62 2 blue LED 140mm fans. I do not see the K 62 under $120 shipped, a lot for 2 fans;
    You can find Yate Loon 140 mm fans 14SM-12 or Cooler Master R-4 Sicle blade fans about $10 each when needed
  6. The PC K-62 is available in newegg for 99$.
  7. Missed that, my foolish. Still $35 for 2 fans.
  8. Hi I've chosen the Antec Nine Hundred, for 100$ and comes with 4 fans included, big and does not look like an spaceship! I didn't know having a good case was that important (1st build) this one is gonna last at least 4 years! thank ya'll
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