Blast From the Past: Intel QX6700 - Which Most Ideal New Motherboard?

So I have been doing some spring cleaning and I dug out an old video editing machine of mine that once upon a time was quite a monster. I had crammed in a an Intel QX6700 processor into a small Shuttle computer along with a fat video card that I had used for a few years.

Naturally I tried to boot it up but alas the power supply had failed.

I was thinking, this processor set me back $900 back in the day (2006) and didn't get much use, so maybe I can install it into a new system?

I have tons of parts laying around, a nice monster server case from Antec with a 750w PS. All I would need to do is choose a motherboard with a decent chipset and voila, it could be a decent computer for a few more years... since I already have the parts.

But the question is, which motherboard? Ideas?
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  1. I have one sitting around as well. The 680i originally used never was reliable, nor the 780i that they replaced it with.

    I would like something stable to throw it in and although I can find boards that say it runs in, would like some feedback as well.
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