Think motherboard blew need help!

ok so first part of this post is this (dont have to check it ill recapitulate)
it was posted earlier today when i tought it was the gpu that blew...

So lets recapitulate. my computer yesterday froze. i closed it... its powering back on but its not showing any display at all... my first guess was that my 260 gtx blew... turns out i was wrong since im back from the store with a brand new 6850 hd and no cigar... so im guessing my worse fear are reality and the fn mobo is chobo.

First of all, how can i rule out its not the cpu or any other component that is wasted... since there is no display at all and i dont have other computer able to take those component troubleshooting is reallly getting on my nerve...

what is weird is that everything seems to power on fine... fans on cpu and gpu are working... mother board light is on. and it seems its doing the same sound it was doing before when powering up... with one exeption.... when i power the pc on after a long time off. it restart about 30 second after and then power up again...

I doubt its the psu but i cant rule it out for sure.

Currently i have a Asus P5Q pro. my ram is some DDR2 and chip is an E8500 Wolfdale.

lets assume it is the motherboard who is out of service... what are my options. i dont really feel like changing my ram.. or my proccessor unless very nessecery. are there still motherboard wich support ddr2 that are widdely available? available enough that the store i go too would have them?

Please help im gowing berserk XD....

thank you

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  1. if you have a friend with a socket 775 mobo, take your cpu out, stick it in his, and see if it will boot

    if it comes to it
  2. nah i dont have another gamer friend with a 775 mobo... one i have with a gaming rig is running on amd... adn i dont want to buy over the internet it takes waaaaaaayyy too long to ship i need my pc :(

    if it was the cpu though wouldnt it like show something on the screen tough?
  3. No, it could be the CPU, the PSU, the RAM, mobo and even the case. You need to breadboard the computer: switch out parts weith a minimum configuration to see what is malfunctioning. If you cannot do this, then look on Craig's list or some other resource to find someone local who can help you.
  4. k i will try tonight doing this... thinking it might be the HD while that seems unlikely
    whill the computer power up without ram...

    is there any danger for the hardware powering on and off considering something in the computer is fried... could it affect the other parts?
  5. The first thing you need to do is calm down and stop panicking. Second is stop making assumptions. You have some of the best resources on the planet at your disposal right here so Please Chill.

    Okay, start by checking this out:

    Do exactly as it says and don't skip anything.
  6. breadboarded the computer.... tryed powering it on with the minimal... no good... so pretty sure its the mobo or the psu (in some very weird way) right now.
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