What is the BEST 6870 graphics card?

What version of the 6870 series video cards is the best? ASUS, XFX, POWERCOLOR, etc.
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  1. Which of the 6870 series cards is the best? ASUS, XFX, POWERCOLOR, and so on. Thanks.
  2. there all good it depends on which one u prefer the look of, which one has better cooling and which one has better warranty, it depends on u, but also somethimes for 10 bucks more or 15 u can get a pre-overclocked graphic card, btw u posted this twice u might want to delete u other identical thread cheers
  3. Asus and Sapphire are the best in my opinion.
    Best quality and service.
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    What is the best 6870?
  5. Can you provide links to the specific models of each?

    Off the top of my head i'd say the Asus model because they almost always use aftermarket coolers with their GPU's which can come in handy when O.C.ing.Also the XFX because they usually provide a Lifetime warranty with their products.And the Saphire models come packed with extra good's like molex adapter HDMI cable etc.PowerColor's not that great so i wouldnt reccomend buying it from them.

    Asus=Afermarket cooler(DirectCU)
    XFX=Lifetime Warranty
    PowerColor= crap
  6. I vote for XFX. modder friendly warranty(long as the stock cooler is reinstalled before an RMA, no questions asked) and a life time warranty(x2) that can be transferred once when you sell the card.

    They also get back to you quick and trust that they can just send you a heatsink for a 5770 that is too damn loud(defective fan) without you having to send in a card. I was very happy with XFX.

    Don't get me wrong Asus has some very quiet cards, but so does sapphire with there vapor x series(great temps too).
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