Front mic port not working.

When i plug my mic into the front of my case, i get a notification that i have plugged in a mic but it does not record. The audio jack and the rear jack works just fine. I am using the HD audio plug and did not bother connecting the AC97. what would cause this issue?
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  1. That motherboard supports both AC97 and HD - you just have to set the BIOS to match what you plugged in.

    If the headphone jack on the front is working (that means the type of connection is set correctly), and the microphone jack on the back is working (that means the microphone is working), it sounds like you might have a broken microphone socket or cable.

    How about using an extension cable plugged into the microphone socket on the back?
  2. I have checked BIOS, it's set to HD audio. The mic works in back and both front and rear audio jacks work. when i plug my mic into the front i get a notification that i have plugged in a device, it is recogized as a mic in windows. If it was a cable issue i dont think it would do anything when the device is plugged in, would it? I even have tried seperating all input jacks in the advanced options. the jack is then labeled as Mic in at front panel(pink). Drivers are up to date and the properties states the jack is working properly. hooking up to the rear isnt a huge deal but i didnt buy a case with front ports, so i could hook up to the back.
  3. Make sure your MIC is set as the correct "Default Device".

    Also make sure whatever software your using the device with is set to record audio from the correct port.

    Skype especially is a pain for this and will sometimes set to use a mic port that doesn't even have a mic plugged in.

    Go into your audio settings (within the software) and check the input device is correct. Front panel mic will usually say something like "Line-in Microphone".
  4. Did you solve it? I have the same problem. However, I noticed that when I restart the PC, the front panel mic jack works for 5 seconds or so and then goes mute again.
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