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I need some help. I have a wireless router on top floor of my house which works great but not in the basement. If i hooked up a power line adapter with the main adapter upstairs attached to router and put the other adapter in the
basement could I run another wireless adapter off of the RJ45 cable coming out of the second adapter in the basement? Would the signals interfere. Would I have to change the signal code #?. Would the downstairs router be able to use the RJ45 coming out of the basement power line adapter. Thanks
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  1. In theory YES.

    How many floor are we talking about?

    which router are you currently using?

    how far does the current signal reach?
  2. This is actually for my nephew. I'd have to find out the exact router. The house is 2 floors with basement. He states he gets a signal in basement but it must be poor as he states he sometimes loses it. If I used a power line adapter in basement and plugged into this item from newegg could I hook up multiple devices to this switch so they all received a signal?
  3. Also if I was to plug the powerline adapter into this item would it be a wireless extension of wireless in the house using the same signal. By placing this in the basement it would ensure a strong signal and make wireless available to the lower level of the house with a strong signal. Is this correct.
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    I hate to say it but in theory YES.

    However, I read some reviews where people were complaining that the speed degraded all the way down to 20mb instate of the expected 100mb. This id due to the distance in wire the signal has to travel through out the house.

    The reason I asked for the router model is that you might be able to use a wireless repeater (ex. D-link DAP-1522), rang extender (ex. DAP-1360), or DD-WRT Open Source router (ex. Linksys WRT54GL).
  5. Thanks I still did not find out but Ill check out your suggestions. With a wireless repeater I assume it would be placed somewhere in the house halfway between the main router and where you want to receive the wireless signal (basement)
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