Upgrade graphics on a Gateway DX4300 15e

Just began a new job supporting a graphics intensive website from home. The video card that came with my Gateway is inadequate and I need to upgrade.

My new employer recommended one the following:
NVIDIA 9600 or 9800
ATI 4850, 4870, 4890, 5850, 5870, or 5970.

Uncertain which of them is compatible. I suspect my 300W power supply will need to be upgraded too.

Need some input.
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  1. The best card you can run in there on the original PSU is the ATI/AMD HD5670, it is in performance better than 9600GT and close to 9800GT from Nvidia.
  2. If it were me, I'd definitely upgrade the PSU. I got one of these as a hand-me-down and was shocked to find out it comes with a 300watt PSU. To be honest, can't say I did more research than checking newegg.com's power supply calculator which put the current setup of the PC, with on-board graphics selected, at around 320watts. Sure, might work with 9600GT, although, might have a periodic error. I'd say, lookup power supply calculators, and get a good graphics card.
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