$900 to $1100 gaming build (first build)

approximate purchase date this week, most likely tomorrow lol

Budget Range: 900 to 1100 (before rebates)

System Usage from most to least important gaming, mild image editing.....thats about it

Parts Not Required: monitor, mouse, keyboard

Preferred place of purchase gonna drive to Micro Center tomorrow

Country of Origin: us

Parts Preferences: whatever you feel has the most bang for the buck

Overclocking: maybe in the future but not now

SLI or Crossfire: no

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Additional Comments: any help is appreciated here guys and gals, first time builder and noob to pc gaming here, thx
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  1. Sorry for the sloppy post, struggled to do that on my phone for like a half hour :/
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    Few suggestions below.
    CPU core I5 2500K
    Motherboard P67 chipset, Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock or MSI
    GPU one or the other depending on deals GTX560TI, GTX570 or HD6950
    2 x 4GB ram quality brands such as G-skill or Corsair
    HDD Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB
    PSU 500-650watt Seasonic, Antec, Corsair or XFX
  3. +1 for rolli59
  4. Go with Asus on the motherboard. I've never had a problem with them.

    Corsair on the other hand I'm losing faith in. No overclocking and I've had 5 of them die on me in the last 3 years; They were Dominators too :P

    +1 for rolli59 though
  5. I'm a G Skill fan too, but I've read good things about some of Kingston's RAM here as well
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  7. thanks for the replies guys, between this, the "recommended builds by usage" thread and they guy at micro center (who mostly just tried to sneak bad parts in my build) i got everything picked out and purchased today.
    ended up with
    core I5 2500k (180 bones from microcenter =))
    PNY gtx 560 ti (factory o.c.ed, enthusiast edition)
    asus p8p67 m- pro mobo
    pcp&c 750w silencer PSU (had a good sale going that made this the one to get in my budget)
    2x2 gig corsair xms3 c7 ram (gonna get another 4 when cash allows)
    cooler master hyper 212+ universal cpu cooler
    i was gonna go with the CM HAF 922 for my case but they were fresh out.....i was however able to weasel in to the CM HAF 932 for the price of the 922 though cuz their site said the 922 was in store =) so at least i wont be hurting for space.
    this is my first build.....tell me i didnt blow it somewhere? to try to put it together
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