Sparkles on my screen - any thoughts?

Hi guys,

My wife has a 2.66 Quad Core Mac Pro from around 2007-08.

The original card for this unit was a Geforce 7300 GT which she used for years until it eventually died. We then called our local apple place to ask about options and got the list of 3 or 4 cards that were originally available with this system. We did not use any of the original cards from 07-08.

What we ended up putting in her computer was an ATI 5770 HD, after the local apple store said that this card was actually compatible with her system - even though it wasn't originally meant to work with it. Well, we figured this sounded good since it was a much newer card and they said it is compatible.

What's happening now however, is that her screen gets little sparkles from time to time and this has us worried since we just put this new card in a few days ago.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Will this go away? Does it mean the card is not in fact compatible and we are breaking it? Any help very much appreciated.

Cheers, Phil
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  1. If you have a PC kicking around it may be worth checking it in there, unless it is a mac version. I am not sure if apple still does the mac version of cards any more.

    Before you would just flash the normal one to be a mac one.

    My only worry about the "Sparkles" is if they are artifacts. Since MAC OS uses a hardware accelerated desktop, a bad video card would show as dots or strange patterns.

    can you get a picture?
  2. Hi,

    Yep - it's the mac version of the card. Once wifey gets home today, I'll have her grab a screen shot. Thx Nuke.
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