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Dual channel stability issue

Computer case got knocked onto it's side pretty hard during an apt move (front bezel flew off).
Inspection of inside doesn't show anything obviously wrong; however, upon start up the computer will run for about 3-5 minutes and then suddenly lock up. Restarting results in it powering up for and then restarting after about 1 second in an endless cycle until you hold the power button 5sec to turn off (no beep code, but onboard light indicators appear to indicate memory problem). If the computer is allowed to rest for a while, then you can get 3-5minutes out of it before it locks up (temperature-based failure?).

I did some trouble shooting (swapped memory sticks, power supply, video card) and figured out that if the memory was inserted to run in single channel mode it would run fine for hours (i.e., non adjacent spots) whereas if they were inserted for dual channel, the lockup/endless restart cycle occurred.

Since I swapped memory with different sticks which work fine in other PCs, is it fair to say the motherboard is likely defective and needs replacement?

Anyone else encounter dual vs single channel stability issues? Any suggestions?


The computer is two years old, but board still appears to be under manufacturer's warranty (3 yrs) but it is not being sold anymore (not sure what that means and if it's even worth trying to get a replacement), am I better off just buying an AM3+ board?
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  1. I'm pretty sure "defective" isn't the correct word for a mobo which is dropped. Broken, yes, and yes you (or whoever) may have caused the mobo to crack when the unit was knocked over, pretty sure the warranty does not cover that.
    Download a program called "Core temp" (free) see what it says as far as temps - it is possible that the heatsink has simply come lose from the CPU which might cause that.
  2. Yah, broken is better word for it :)

    I had checked temp in BIOS (just let it sit there for a while until it locked up) and in coretemp--both running fine. Plus it runs for hours when ram is in single channel config. The heatsink is still firmly attached as well. I didnt get a chance to take the heatsink and cpu off the board though, seems unlikely that cpu would become unseated--I assume it wouldnt even work if that was teh case.

    (trying to fix friend's computer) Thinking buying a new budget AM3+ board is likely cheapest/easiest route to get it working
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    Shucks, I was hoping it could be that easy...
    AM3+ is a good idea, be poised for a Piledriver upgrade later
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