HD 6950 Catalyst Center will not open

I just got my Powercolor HD6950

Spent basically entire day reading about how to get my Catalyst Center working so that I can make adjustment to options in my graphic card.

I am unable to get it to open. I have even created Adminstrative login on my Vista Ultimate 64bit.

Have used CCcleaner, Uninstall, reinstall, etc.

At this point, I do not know what to do besides return the card and go back to GTX 470. My main reason to get the card was to enable 3 monitors. Monitor are enabled and working fine, but I HDTV screen is has a frame around it not allowing me to use the full 42". My guess is that I need to get into Catalyst Center to make the adjustment.

I also am FSX gamer so I need to make adjsutments for various options. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. hm sounds it may be a operating system related issue, as far as i know no known has that problem. Btw don't waste your money on a gtx 470 unless your prepared for over heating :/. Download driver sweeper and get rid of every driver applied to that video card, then try installing it again. hope that works out ;)
  2. Thanks for your answer. It seems you did not even search the Web. There are tons of problems with this issue. No Real Easy answers that I can find. :o
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