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hey guys,

okay, this is my problem , I have a desktop which worked fine for almost 3 years , but it keeps shutting down frequently these past couple of days . Then another weird thing that happens is , when I start my pc
and if I manage to run a game before it shuts down , the pc is'nt shutting down at all , but if I tab-out from the game , it shuts down immediately .So, how can I fix this? Then I tried to reboot , unfortunately it keeps shutting down in the middle of the rebooting process .Any help are highly appreciated :sweat:
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  1. Hi Mechanic,
    Can you give us the specs? And what did you do leading up to the problem?
    We are going to need a bit more detail.
  2. hi striker410,
    It's a self build , I bought MSI motherboard and installed it myself ,it has no graphics card , 2GB of RAM and its operating system is windows xp , is that enough? And about the problem , it was working so fine for 3 years until this happened , I did have couple of virus problems past year ,I just simply rebooted the pc and everything was fine , but dont know why is this happening now .
  3. Sounds like the ram or power supply is going bad.
  4. So , what could be done ?
  5. First thing, Try running Memtest (google it), then if you have a spare PSU, try getting it to boot up with that. Have you tried a clean OS install? sometimes problems can be fixed just by starting out fresh.
  6. thanks Striker410 , I'll try different PSU and get back to you , and can you describe more about the memtest? I have no clue what to do and what it is about.
  7. What memtest does is, it checks to make sure your ram is properly functioning. Do you know how to burn a dvd? Because on their website they have bootable, burnable iso's. All you do is follow the instructions, bootup onto the disk, and start the test! :)
    If that's to technical, the other option is see if you can boot up onto just one stick of ram, then the other. You accomplish this by simply pulling one of the ram sticks out and booting up the pc, then alternating the ram sticks.

    Hope you get it figured out!
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