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Hello all,

I've been lurking this forum a lot lately and it's helped me in building my first computer. Now I've come to a pretty serious issue that I really need some help with..

I used the Asus Bios Update software and was downloading the newest version. The downloader wasn't doing much so I went to click the "back" button which was right beside the "flash" button. You can guess where this is going. Made a pretty horrible mistake and pressed the wrong button. Then my computer started making a lot of horrible noises and the monitor started to display a lot of distorted imagery. I couldn't do much else but reboot my PC. When I did that it powered up but then immediately shut down. I powered it up again and all I got was a black screen. Opening up my case shows that the CPU fan doesn't even start so I guess the CPU isn't either?

So what exactly did I do and is there any way to fix it? I tried the method of taking out the CMOS battery and resetting it but that did nothing. Will a new BIOS chip fix this for me?
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  1. You reset your BIOS. You will either have a reset BIOS switch or have to reset the BIOS through a jumper on the mobo. Look in the mobo manual (if you don't have it you can get it online) for resetting the BIOS.

    If this doesn't work try reflashing your BIOS. A complete reflash may restore a working BIOS.
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