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Thoughts Please

Wassup guys..

So ive just discovered my Mobo actually sucks...
Thinking of upgrading from; ASUS P8H61-MX to ASUS P8Z68-M PRO
So I can unlock my overclocking potential, And add more ram, Maybe even SLI in the near future.

Thoughts please? :hello:
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  1. So I can unlock my overclocking potential

    What CPU do u have?

    How far u want to OC the CPU?
  2. nikorr said:
    So I can unlock my overclocking potential

    What CPU do u have?

    How far u want to OC the CPU?

    I have an i5 2500 k with a standard cooler. Looking into buying a new cpu cooler also.
  3. 4.0 ghz if possible....
  4. If u get an after market CPU cooler, u can OC to past 4.5GHz with ease : )
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" Long Life Sleeve 120mm CPU Cooler
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    And this mobo OC stable and it is with great price tag.

    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Born to outperform, the ASRock Z68 Extreme3 GEN3 delivers the ultimate throne for the Intel Sandy Bridge processor. The Next-Gen PCIe 3.0, beyond the original specification of Z68 chipset and Intel Sandy Bridge processor, is introduced to this motherboard by adapting PCIe 3.0 quick switch IC, gearing you up for the latest graphics card such as AMD 79xx series that employ PCIe 3.0 technology (PCIe 3.0 is available only when working with Ivy Bridge processor). Smart Response technology intelligently cache the frequently used HDD content on the SSD, allowing you to experience fast response similar to SSD-only system while simultaneously enjoy large capacity of HDD.

    An array of ASRock innovative technology, such as XFast RAM, XFast LAN and XFast USB, works behind the scenes to improve overall system performance and throughput, while Digi Power design and advanced V8 + 4 power phase design combined with premium gold caps and 100% Japan-made high-quality conductive polymer capacitors ensure unmatched reliability, durability and overclocking potential. The AMD Quad CrossFireX and NVIDIA Quad SLI configuration delivers the ultimate in graphics performance for gaming enthusiasts who demanding highest frame rates without compromising on resolution.
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  7. Good luck!
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