Please Review and give opinions on this new build

Hello I just wanted to link a Rig i will be building for my company they do Computer Aided Engineering and simulations using the software Ansys

CPU- Xeon x5690 - £1201.55 OR Double if we decide to get 2

Motherboard- EVGA Classified SR-2 - £486.66

Memory- Corsair XMS3 Classic-
£686.56 FOR 4 SETS £171.64 FOR 1 SET

Hard Drives- Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000BLFS 300GB - £921.06 FOR 9 £102.34 each

SATA Raid Controller- Highpoint RocketRAID 2320- £229.06

Case- £369.98

PSU- £197.45

Graphics card- £553.68

DVD-RW +RW Drive- £49.84

All in all it is costing £4695.84 for one Processor OR £5897.39 for two Processors PLUS Mouse and Keyboard but dont worry about that

So what i want to know is are all these compatible and is there any better options as i had a budget of £5000 so with one processor i still have just over £300 I have not really looked into raid controllers but i just found one that supports 8 drives and is raid 0 as that is what i need

thank you for taking the time to answer and read this :bounce:
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  1. What exactly are you planning to use this for? Guessing from the specs that its a CAD/CAM machine/Server? Hard to rate the build without knowing what its being built to do.
  2. I have said at the top Computer Aided Engineering and run Engineering Simulations using ANsys
  3. Yes. Yes you did, sorry still half asleep at work. Looks like a beefy build, thats way meaner than what I use for CAE/CAM and siming. That will probably run full assemblies of just about anything in a timely fashion.

    I run a i7-2600 based system for CAE with a nvidia 460 and it runs even large assemblies of parts pretty decent; and with that much muscle your machine is going to run circles around mine.

    Though to be honest my simulations are still kinda slow, especially when I get into poorly done stuff we get from over seas.
  4. Ok thank you for your input so you see no flaw in my build?
  5. anyone??
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