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Antec 300 added fan noise help

I have an antec 300, with 2 additional fans. The sytem i bought was pre buillt, and the dust filters in the front of the antec 300 combined with the fans make a lot of noise (i moved the dust filter in front of the fans to prove my theory and it was correct, the two being beside each other makes alot of noise in my system). I believe the fans are connect directly to the psu as speed fan cannot detect them. How can i lower the speed of the fan or modify my dust filter in order to cut back on the ooise. My motherboard is the asus m4a88t-m, thanks in advance for the replies.
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    This is a very easy problem to solve... What you need is a fan controller: ( I assume you have an empty dvd drive slot to mount it in. This would hook up to your power supply and then hook your fans to the controller and then you will be able to control them. When fans are hooked directly to the psu they will run at full speen, this will let you turn them down.
  2. k thanks alot this was what i was looking for
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