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Hi i am currently using this setup:

AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
Gefore GTX 560 Ti
ASUS M4N68 Motherboard
500 GB HDD
350 GB HDD
500 GB External HDD
500 Watts Power Supply (Cooler Master)

ok so now i m looking for a change of mobo prefered a good board as i am planning to SLi my 560Ti in the near future. and i would prefer an AMD board as i might upgrade the chipset too in future.

any suggestions on Mobo (prefered Asus) and Power supply (if Required)...? i have no trouble with running games i just wanted more stability and the ability to go extreme but with a reasonable budget
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  1. Oky first of first change your powersupply to 700 watt and for mobo if you chose the asuse p8z68 vgen3 it is the best
  2. power supply should b the piority

    but if i say i wanna upgrade the processor in future will it support the newer processor
  3. i i m planning to use AMD
  4. i came across thiss board M5A78L-M LX is it worth the buy?
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