Which is Better RAM for Intel P67 Chipset


I want to upgrade my Ram memory from 4GB (2*2GB) Transcend 1333 MHz to 8GB/16GB 1600 MHz.

My option are:

1. G Skill [ RipjawsX ] F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM
2. G Skill [ RipjawsX ] F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL

Please suggest my System Config is.

Intel Core i7 2600
Palit GTX 580 3GB
Corsair GS800 PSU
Transcend 2*2GB 1333 MHz.
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  1. Between those 2 parts, I'd go with: F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM

    They are very close in spec, but this part has better latencies, therefore faster. Also, regardless of OCing or not, it's going to be faster than the other part.
  2. I need to ask again about the compatibility of the given RAM modules and the motherboard. Also about the voltages and others factors which I need to keep in mind while selecting or installing ??
  3. GSkill lists both parts as supported

    As for MSI, they don't list this exact SKU, but they support a very close cousin of this SKU. They might give you hassle in tech support, but I kind of doubt it, because they do support a very close SKU to this one.

    As for V or other settings, as long as you're not going to OC, you should be able to plug n play. There is a chance that you may need to manually move the frequency up to 1600 (but only that setting). This is easily done in the BIOS.

    As for other specs, you don't need to worry at this point, because the specs match... :)
  4. Yeah I am not much of an overclocker, but if I want to overclock the RAM to be used at 1600 MHz, will there be any problem, like will I be voiding the warranty of my CPU (as by default they will be running at 1333 MHz) ?? Please tell me how to do overclocking ?
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    The only thing you need to worry about is NOT changing the Voltage (should be @ 1.5v).
    Depending on how the RAM is configured, it may go to 1600 by default. BUT, if it doesn't, you go into your BIOS and manually set the RAM speed to 1600 (don't change any other settings). That's it.
    Technically I don't call this overclocking. :)
    And as long as you're not changing your V, you're not going to damage anything nor void your warranty.
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  7. Personally I wouldn't use either .... just had too many compatibility issues w/ Gskill and I always recommend avoiding DDR3 with toothy heat sinks . My return rates w/ Mushkin and Corsair have been much lower and not having thise teeth sticking up avoids any CPU cooler interference issues.|20-233-196^20-233-196-TS%2C20-233-186^20-233-186-TS%2C20-233-199^20-233-199-TS

    Be advised that many modules rated at 1.5V get bumped up to 1.65 volts when you enable the XMP profile to run them at 1600 speeds. This is nothing to worry about tho as explained here:

    Sandy Bridge does not demand only 1.5v modules, it will be perfectly happy with 1.65v modules too. If someone tries to tell you that you must have 1.5v modules, then they are either trying to sell them to you, or they have been reading misinformation, or both! Another point to consider here, is that in your BIOS, if you head to the memory voltage setting, and enter 1.5v, the text will remain white/grey, if you enter 1.65v, it will turn yellow, and it isn't until 1.73v that it turns red, so at the moment, I'd rest assured that 1.65v modules are OK to use, and I have had this confirmed by Asus, Gigabyte and Corsair so far, as soon as I hear from anyone else, I will update this again.
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