Advice on best possible upgrade.

Okay so here is my current set-up, and my situation.

This started as a budget build...and through random chance; generous warranty replacements, epic clearance sales, and the man in the red suit; it became this.


CPU=i3 540 @ 4.1 Ghz


RAM= 8GB Corsair C9 1600Mhz (Unneccesary; but I got the second set free :P)

PSU= XFX 750W Black Edition

GPU= Crossfire 6850's PowerColor/Gigabyte both @ 820/1050

HDD= One of those Samsung Spinpoint 500GB's.

All housed in a sexy NZXT Phantom.

Now, basically; I'm considering upgrading SOMETHING about this rig; my little brother wants to purchase any parts I replace off of me(for a discount of course :kaola: ).

So in theory; if I replace my CPU; I'm paying $100 less for whatever I choose as a replacement.
So, I've got some questions for you guys.

1. A CPU upgrade? Options are to go for a 760 for $100; or an i7 870 for $200/ Or would I just really be better off shelling out the extra to shift to 1155.... the 2500K is such a classy temptress ;P

2. Other thing I'm considering is going for a cheap SSD as a boot drive..but IM A TOTAL NOOB @ SSD's :P I have no knowledge about what is good/what isn't.....opinions? Suggestions?

3...I love my 6850's, but I guess selling both could be a consideration!

4. Am very open to considerations from any of you :) That includes telling me that im :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: and should not change anything :)

Very much look forward to the detailed, thoughtout responses that this place is known for :)
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  1. If you want better gaming performance (FPS) then upgrade the i3 to an i5. If you want better load times in both gaming and opening programs etc. then go with an SSD. SSDs make your whole computer feel lots faster, but won't really help with FPS.
  2. If things are currently working well for you then don't change anything. Who knows what the scene will be like a few months from now...
  3. While upgrading to the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors like the Intel Core I5 2500K would give you some great performance increases. Along with the processor you would have up upgrade the motherboard and maybe even the ram if it is using a ram that is over 1.5 volts. This would raise your total cost over $400 US. The simple fact is that upgrading to an SSD right now would give you the most visible performance increase. Adding an SSD like the Intel SSD 320 80GB would lower both boot times and access times for any program located on the drive.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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