[New Build] Won't boot up| freezes at bios screen and more..

I've a pretty bad luck with new stuff's.

I purchased custom parts for the PC.

Specs :

RAM : 3 x 4 GB Corsair 1666 Mhz
SSD : 1 x 64 GB SSD
HDD : 1 x 1TB SATA HDD (7200 rpm)
Mobo : Asus M4A88TD- V EVO/ USB3 Motherboard
GFX card : ATI Sapphire radeon 6850HD
Processor : AMD Phenom II x6
Cabinet : Cooler master storm ( With 2 LED fans and 1 normal fan)
PSU : 550 Watt Coolermaster Xtreme

First day :
I assembled everything (Read the manual + some YouTube videos), connected all the wires, Switched it on. Hell yeah, working!

Installed the 32 bit version on the SSD, all the drivers, Everything was good until I restarted it. "The drivers were not installed and some bs error", On the next restart it froze at the bios screen. I switched off everything and turned on again, everything good. I thought it must be some problem with the driver, So I downloaded the 64 bit windows first then made a bootable usb disk and started installing it on the ssd, suddenly an error popped up saying "Files are missing, setup cannot be completed" :/ so I restarted the installation and to my surprise the SSD isn't showing up in the disk selection menu (Holy ***), I removed all the cables, opened up the cabinet, replaced the sata cables with the one that came with mobo. All good, With my fingers crossed I pressed that power button, and now it won't even show the installation menu.

This one :

Restarting the PC makes it freeze at the bios screen.
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  1. take out the ssd and install to the hdd and see if it works.
  2. seem corruption installation process , yeah agree with Popatim try install in HDD win7
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