Help on my build for I5 Processor

Hi, I plan to build a desktop using:
Processor : I5
Ram: DDR3 4gb
Motherboard: p8b75 m-le / p8z 77
Graphic card: GT 440 ddr5
PSU: cooler master 550w / 500w

I really need help on motherboard. Should i get a small board or big board? and for graphic card, if i using gt440 is it good enough? how about power supply? does it enough with 500w?
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  1. What is the use for your build? Which i5 processor do you plan to buy? Doi you want to use muiltiple GPUs?
  2. i5 2400k. normal gaming. I dont think i'll need multiple GPUs either
  3. Thank you and Sorry for the late reply..

    Procesosr: I5 2400/ 2500
    Motherboard: P8H61USB3
    Ram: DDR3 4gb
    Graphic card: ENGT440/DI/1GD5
    PSU: Cooler master 550w
    Casing: Cooler master elite 431plus / Elite 310

    Which one do u recommend for that can last for about 5 yrs..
    processor 2400 or 2500;
    which casing is better and
    do you think PSU 550w is too much or should i get 500w is enough ( going to have 2 hard disk )
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