Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 - Room for soundcard with SLI?


Im looking to buy a new soundcard for my rig (, I have an Asrock Z68 Extreme4 mobo with 2x ATI Radeon 6950's in the PCIE2 and PCIE4 slots.

By eye it looks as if the only usable PCI slot is PCI1 which sits very snug inbetween the two 6950's. Will my soundcard fit in here and even if it does, will it be practical sitting inbetween those 2 cards with all that heat?

Heres a pic of the board for those less informed:

The 2 long white slots inbetween the blue are the PCI slots
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  1. I have no idea what that last post meant.

    Any help anyone? :D
  2. maybe try a different card with a pci-e x1 interface that will fit over the first video card
    something like this maybe?
  3. i think ull have one free pci-e slot and one free pci slot. the pci slot will be directly between your 2 video cards though. wont help heat or airflow.
  4. out of interest, are the 6950's fitted with the standard amd heatsink assembly or 3rd party ones? if the standard ones the the soundcard won't be long enough to impead circulation and airflow into the top graphics card, and puts out such a minute amount of heat itself that it won't affect system temps. an exotic cooling solution on them & you're prolly screwed though.
  5. @osamabinrobot that is an option I didnt think off so thanks although i have become particularly interested in the sound card I mentioned so your idea would be a plan B

    @jpoos standard

    @neon neophyte this is my worry, although like jpoos said, would a soundcard sitting inbetween the 2 6950's really have a major effect on cooling considering the soundcard itself shouldnt output much heat
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