Gtx 570 or radeon hd 6970?

Windows 7 64bit
PSU: Seasonic. Around 500W?
Lg Monitor W2261VZ resolution 1920 x 1080
Hard Drive: Western Digital 1tb black
Motherboard: Asus P7P55 LX
Cpu: Intel core i7 870 , no oc
Cooler: noctua nh-d14 omg i love this cooler
ram: samsung 8gb
gpu: I have a gtx 460 1gb for now until I choose which one to get.
Games: Battlefield bad company 2,bf2 , crysis , racing games f1&dirt2, and future games?
Budget: As long as its not a gtx 580... Preferably gtx 570/radeon hd 6970/6950
Not going to upgrade any time soon as long as I get 30-60 stable fps.
I heard amd drivers are unstable and the newer drivers will squeeze out more fps?
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  1. Any replies?
  2. helllo?
  3. To be honest, I would stay put if I were you. With your system I dont think current upgrade options would give you your monies worth in Px gain. Also, do you know for certain your PSU class? A GTX 570/6970 could top yours out if it is indeed 500w, which would shorten its life as well as limit your performance gain. For the price of a 570/6970, you could get a nice SSD, which would improve your experience both in game and everywhere else.
  4. I really would like to upgrade the gpu. I got a seasonic 520W. It has a 80plus gold label. I get some lag in bfbc2 med to high in 1920x1080. I really would like to know some differences between the 570 and the 6970. Its confusing.. What is less power hungry? What about cooling or heat? I would rather upgrade the gpu than getting a ssd.
  5. seasonic is great, possibly the best you can get, but 520w is low. you should look for something aroun 650w.
    bet you're having a hard time with crysis on your system, but other than that, it's fine.
    570 makes no sense today. If you can still find another 460 to sli, do it.
    otherwise, wait for 6990 and price drops to come.
  6. Will I have trouble with my power supply?
  7. im no expert.. but here's my 2 cents.

    If you wanna upgrade your gpu to that level your gonna need; about 750w psu and OC your cpu to 3.5 ghz.

    sory I cant answer the questions your really asking. Best I can say is I think they are about even. But if you buy a 6950 and unlock it to a 6970 you save $100. You didn't say if your board supported crossfire so I'm assuming it has only 1 PCIe. If you are not planning on using 3D, and might use multiple monitors then get the 6950
  8. I have an 850W PSU. You should get a 550W or larger for those graphics cards and larger than that if you plan to future crossfire/SLI. I'd get an 850W and use it for the next 4 years. Then get your graphics after that. (Buy Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, Silverstone, or XFX).

    An SSD won't improve your fps at all--just load times.

    As far as graphics, I love the 6950 2GB with unlocked 6950 bios option. For $260, it's an amazing deal. (Although not the 5870 for $179 deal like Newegg had last week).

    If you upgrade your graphics to a 650W if I was gonna SLI a second GTX 460 1GB--which is probably the best option (unless you've got a good deal of extra cash). Check this site for power requirements:
  9. I really would not like to oc. I plan to keep my warranty and card life in check. No way am I gonna sli, I don't like the power consumption. My board supports crossfire/sli. It says crossfirex support on the mobo box. I can return the gpu and get my money back to get a different one. I don't live in the us. I don't want to void my warranty by unlocking bios.
  10. It's around 493 recommended Psu not counting the noctua nh-d14 cooler.
  11. The case has 1 intake fan in front. 1 big on top and back side. Don't know the exact size.
  12. It seems 20W more for the 6970. 20 less for the gtx 570
  13. Sea Sonic has made several "500" watt PS. If it's one that has 52amps it shouldn't be a problem. I am currently going through the same thing you are, which of those cards. I think I narrowed it down to the 570. Better performance in the games I play and will play and it has physx to boot. Should be complimentary for your set up.
  14. Ugh I'll just compare them at the stores. If it has a heatpipe or not and lifetime warranty. I heard the gtx 570 has a lifetime warranty or am I wrong.
  15. I heard there might be a new graphic card from amd that matches gtx 580. Price drop?
  16. Btw it's not 500w it's 520w.
  17. You decide:

    Guru3D 570 / 6970

    COD-MW 148 140
    Bad Company 2 56 56
    Dirt 2 80 77
    Far Cry 2 85 83
    Metro 2033 27 28
    Dawn of Discovery 74 85
    Crysis Warhead 54 57
    Total 524 526

    In pairs, it's 873 total for the 570 in SLI and 825 for the 6970 in CF
  18. I don't care about the few fps 1-4 difference but I care about 5-10 fps difference. I think I'll go with the 6970.
  19. Ugh this is totally confusing. Guess I'll go with the 570 then....
  20. Wait.. Some people are saying the hd 6970 is cooler. Anyone have any charts?
  21. They are nearly even in almost every game except Civilization V, Nvidia has some secret to perform around twice as well to any comparable AMD currently. Of course you get the marketing ploy of PhysX with the 570 which enables some cool physics and environmental effects in a few titles. As far as noise, heat, and power draw, the 570 is favorable from everything I've read. Both are excellent cards and I'd go with whichever I could find cheaper or bundled with more games.
  22. Ok I'm sold :D the gtx 570
  23. Yeah, but what if he overclocks the GTX 570?

    Of course, I'd get the 6950 for the fun of unlocking.
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