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Best way to wipe Hard Drive?

So I have an old hard drive with windows xp and personal files on it. I want to wipe it clean and put windows 7 on it and us it as a secondary computer. What is the best way of doing this? Also I was told once something is put on a hard drive it can never be erased, is that true? If it is what would you suggest for just removing the data and restoring windows so i can have it run clean and fast as possible.
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  1. depending on the make and model you may be able to get a low level format for it. this will return the drive to a completely raw state. if not then use somthing ccleaner that will enable you to wipe the drive multiple times... or look here
  2. if you are keeping possession of the drive just format it during the windows 7 set up--much quicker--securely deleting it takes a long time if you do it to above dod standard--if you ever give it away or ebay it etc use the program hexit said and do 7-10 overwrites--can take all night long depending how big the drive is
  3. my hardrive came stock with my hp a1640n it is 250 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
    7200 rpm
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    since you are reusing for yourself, just format the drive during windows 7 installation as already suggested. The install will detect all the drives and partitions available so select this drive and click the "Format" button.

    If you have more than 1 partition on the drive I suggest deleting them until you just have 1 large "unallocated" space and then create a new partition followed by a format, do a full format instead of a quick when prompted to select one.
  5. Easiest way is to just use the win7 installer to handle it. Good enough if you plan to re-use it in another PC.
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