GeForce 6200 better results than ATI 5570

so i ran few tests again and i got this

ATI Radeon HD 5570 - start at 100 FPS on Counter Strike 1.6 and slowly dropping down to 25 FPS. When i make skype call it goes down to 15 FPS.

GeForce 6200 - start at 60 FPS and stay at 40-60. With skype call on it goes to 30 FPS.

At previous thread i got answer that my CPU is bottlenecking my ATI card but i wanna be sure...

First, why on my BOTH graphic cards my FPS start going down?
Why when i make skype calls while i play my FPS going even lower?
Why the ATI NEWER card giving me crappy results even compared to outdated 6200?
Is it for sure the CPU? I dont wanna waste 100$ on CPU and to not get improvement (i mean if i had spare money i would had good PC not some junk im trying to make PC)
How to improve my FPS? Not only in CS in other games too...
What can cause problems with FPS at all?
Im using pirate version Win XP. When i put new hardware (like GPU) it always tell me FOUND NEW HARDWARE and something about instaling the new hardware like little ballon in down right corner but i never do it since it start some stupid setup thingy. once i tried to do it and it blocked on loading thing. Can that be a problem?
Does the different slot on motherboard (PCI X slot) makes any difference? Cos i have 2. (i will write my MoBo down in the MY CONFIGURATION part)

I used the GeForce card for few years. My ATI card is new, like a week or week and a half. I expected BIG improvement over the 6200 geforce. I know 5570 is not some WOW card, its nothign special, but its supposed to be MUCH better than a crappy 6200 nVidia. I actually first purchased GT 220 but i got same FPS problem that im experiencing with the HD 5570 now, but i went to the store and they told me they dont think its the graphic card (they blamed me on instaling the drivers bad.. what you can mess there? lol) but if i want i can take new GT220 or take ATI card for same money. I took this ATI card and i get same problem. Games start at good FPS, then go down. Btw on login menus on online games or NFS carbon menu FPS going up to 250. So when i start play it always go doooooooown. I play online games on LOW settings 1024x768 and Medium settings same res on not online games. So after i got 15 FPS on AIKA online and 15 FPS on high graphic carbon (20 on medium) i decided to try back my old 6200. on CS 1.6 i get more stable FPS (at least even with skype call on it dont go below 30 FPS) and on AIKA online i get 15-20 FPS. Carbon i didnt tested cos it can run it only on LOW settings 1024x768 (tested that long time ago when i actually WANTED to play Carbon, now its only for test).

So thats pretty much it, if you need more info ask i will tell.

My configuration:

MotherBoard - J&W P35 (intel chipset) - It has 2 PCI X slots i always use only 1, i never even tried the other one, One is blue one black i use the blue one)
Graphic Card - GeForce 6200 128MB DDR? (its probably just DDR but i have no idea) / ATI Radeon [Saphire] HD 5570 1GB DDR3
Processor - Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz 1MB cache (yea laugh at me it sucks... i will get Dual Core E5200 or E5700 if CPU is 100% problem for my low FPS)
2 GB DDR2 Kingston RAM memory 800Hz
PSU - PX 450 -275W (crappy brand)
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  1. Ya, you might have several problems with that setup. need to get to the newer core2 processor.....Will your current motherboard support any dual cores? If not then you'll need a new mobo.
    Second... your power is very important in having stable performance...275 is not going to cut it....especially if it's cheap power...I would say a Corsair vx450 or 550 would be a good start.
    Third...most systems now start at 4GB of ram and that is what you should have...brand doesn't really matter much as long as it's compatible with the mobo.
    Fourth...The gt220 is a slow card as is the 5570....I would look at a gts250 or higher or radion 5770 they are about the same price and performance.
    Hope this helps....JQ
  2. No This is not the processor on the games you installed. Andfor the record don't tell people you are running a pirated version of Windows on a legit site. You explained the problem yourself the little pop up that says new hardware ... and you said you never do anything with that well you have to.. That is where you install the driver so I would say the guy at the store is right. for the slow downs that is normal at the menue the video card is doing basicly nothing then in game it has to work very hard. I am amazed you can game on either one of these cards. Go run a driver cleaner since you are switching video card brands and reinstall ATI Video drivers shoud be on disk that came with video card but best bet is to get newest version off

  3. He's going to need more than a cheap 275watt PSU....
  4. ok i did what tenthly said. i tested for now only CS 1.6 and the FPS is too... not predictable xD it jumps up and goes down. 99 - 50-60-70-99-100-40 etc..

    Next step? xD
  5. Framerate fluctuations are perfectly normal....especially with low-end graphics cards.
  6. but how can it run at 99 FPS for few mins than AFTER few mins of runing a fking CS 1.6 game start going down with FPS. Lowest it goes is 30 for now. When i use SKYPE call it loses 10 more FPS.
  7. Skype requires CPU time, which results in a loss of CPU time for the game....which results in lower framerates. The reason framerates fluctuate is do to graphic detail. Not all scenes contain the same level of detail.
  8. even on a crappy Counter Strike 1.6 16 bit 800x600? O.O
  9. 800x600 is a CPU bound resolution, which means the CPU is more important than the graphics card. Quite frankly, if you're using that low a resolution, there's really no reason to upgrade from a GeForce 6200. Your graphics card is only handling instructions that are GPU dependent according to the DirectX9 API.
  10. Try updating drivers.
  11. ok so i did that find new hardware i updated drivers and it told me New hadware installed and ready to use. I still get even down to 10 FPS when i play CS with skype call on which is NOT PLAYABLE. Im tired of this and it pissing me off. Will changing CPU or PSU fix the problem or what is with it?
  12. imnoob said:
    Im using pirate version Win XP.

    * Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection

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