Gigabyte GV-560SO-1GI vs Sapphire 6950 Flashed

Would like the expertise here at Tom's Hardware as I don't know which to take.

I'm goin to build a new rig soon and need advice on GPUs selection..
I've this build in mind:

i7 2600k
ASRock P67 Fatal1ty
Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8
Gigabyte GV-560SO-1GI
Corsair AX 750w

I looked at reviews here and here seems like the GV-560SO-1GI is a better deal then 6950 but what about 6950 flashed? Is it worthed? I'm afraid that problems may occur since the 6970 has 6 n 6+2 power while 6950 only has 2x6 power right? anyways, seeing the GV-560SO-1GI almost on par with the 6970 n has PhysX, thought it was a great deal :D


HD 6950

I have about $1200 for the components (excluding case n monitor) so what do you guys think?

i'll be playin on a 22" so a 1920*1080 resolution? and in the near future (if i have enough cash) i might want to SLI the GPUs, and upgrade to a 27" or dual 22" since both SLI n CF can accommodate that so maybe also consider SLI or CF?

If possible, I'd also would like to know about durability.. I stumble upon some forums that said that GV-560SO-1GI was brittle, bad quality fan and in some occasion very noisy... I'd like to kno if this is true since it might turn my mind 180 and take the 6950 instead.. I really wouldn't like to waste 250+ bucks and just regret it after 1 month of usage :(

thanks in advance :)
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