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I have been told that there are core 2 duo cpu's that are better than an i3,i5 or i7 is that true? because im still using ddr2 and i dont want to spend money on buying a ddr3 because i would need to change the ram and video cards? what should i do? BTW im a pc gamer.
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  1. Not true, but the core 2's are still a pretty good chip. The current gen chips are about 40 to 50 percent faster clock to clock over the first core 2's.
  2. Core 2 Duo are older than the current Core i CPUs. However, they are still pretty powerful. Core i CPUs have about 20% - 25% better performance than the older Core 2 Duo CPUs clock for clock.

    While it would be nice if Core i CPUs were 40% - 50% better than Core 2 Duo, that is a bit over exaggerated.
  3. LOL. There is about a 15 to 20 percent improvement going from Nehalem clock for clock to sandy bridge, No exaggeration. Look it up Jag, going from the first core 2 to 45 nm core 2's netted around 10 percent. Then a further 10 to 15 percent on the jump to Nehalem.

    If you clock a q6600 to 3.0 and an i7 2500 to 3.0ghz, it's going to be any where from 40 to 50 percent faster.
  4. Based on prior research going from C2D to Clarkdale yielded an average of about 10% - 15% performance increase. From Clarkdale to Sandy Bridge is about another 10% improvement.
  5. A q6600 score about 170 in Sysmark. (2.4Ghz quad core)
    A E8500 scores about 200. (3.16Ghz dual core)
    A stock I3-2100 scores about 217. (3.1Ghz dual core w/o H/T)
    A stock I5-2500k gets about 260. (3.3Ghz quad core w/o HT)
    A stock i7-2600k gets around 275. (3.4Ghz quad core w/HT)
    and just for giggles an AMD X6 1100t scores 204 (6 core no HT (thats an intel thing))

    So if you just look at the e8500 to I3-2100 the there is not alot of gain to be had, less than 10%, when you just compare the processors.

    Not that there aren't palces where these new processesors really shine but we weren't given a specific comparison so a general benchamrk is only fair I think.
  6. You know Tom's just had a article about this. Conclusions averaged about 25% from Conroe to SB.,2974.html

    But how the newer architecture handles multiple threads will also affect performance once it is taken out of this "artificial" test.
  7. You would need to use a single threaded benchmark for a real comparison. Clock them the same and see how it goes.
  8. You do know that according to that chart a core 2 6850 is about 50 percent slower than a 2600k in the single threaded test. Remember 50 percent doesn't mean twice as good.
  9. My current motherboard right now is a Gigabite model EP43-UD3l and can only take Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Duo cpu's.
    Is it posible that a core 2 duo like the e8500 can beat a Quad Core cpu needed to run game such as the witcher 2 and skyrim?
  10. no, but its likely the game will be perfectly playable with that cpu.
  11. well at least i have an idea on what i need thanks for the answers community.
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