Bios Problem

Hello, I have a white box with Intel Mother Board and Processor
running XP SP3. This is not a game box.

The PC boots normally until I try to get to the BIOS.

When I press F2 just after power-up, the PC frezzes.

The Processor light goes out and the PC does not boot.

How can this be fixed.
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  1. I press the "del" key on the lower right to get into the bios. Be sure to locate the cmos jumper or just remove the board battery with the power supply unplugged if you change a bios setting and the board won't post.
  2. open up the case
    look for a watch battery
    take it out
    unplug the computer from the wall outlet
    put the battery in after 5 minutes and plug the power cord
    this should reset your bios
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