Intel core i7-2600k clocked too low?

My intel core i7-2600k is supposed to be 34 x 100 mhz, but cpu-z and other programs show each core as around 1600 mhz, with the multiplier at 16. Is something wrong or is it just some intel technology that makes the cpu run slower when it doesn't need to be at its max speed?

Also, how do I tell the cpu's temperature while logged in?
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  1. Not to worry, that is normal behavior.
    It is speedstep slowing things down when cpu power is not needed.

    Run prime95 to exercise everything and watch the multiplier go up to whatever your max oc is.
  2. thanks, but what is prime95?

    also, I'm gonna OC this i7, but before I do so I need some info: what's a safe temperature for the processor? I have two fans: the CPU fan and one fan that came with the chassis. Are they enough for an overclocked CPU?
  3. What CPU fan do you have? The fan that comes prepackaged with the processor is never conducive for overclocking. For a good overclocking CPU cooler go with at the very least a V6 from Cooler Master, if not go for Noctura or Megahalems. You may even need liquid cooling depending on your OC goals. I personally do not overclock myself and I sometimes reach up to 60 C running 5 game screens of 2D MMORPGs, Norton, screen capture, Itunes, and Firefox, but normally stays at 41 C or 105 F for the hottest processor.
  4. Prime95 is a free program that can search for larger prime numbers. It is commonly used as a stress test for overclockers. Run it with rounding checking long enough to see the cpu temperatures reach and stabilize at the max. You can use realtemp to measure.

    The stock cooler is ok for a modest overclock to 4.0 or thereabouts. It will get noisy as the cpu heats up.

    For more quiet, spend $30 or so for a Xigmatek gaia cooler or a CM hyper 212. They will cool better and be reasonably quiet.

    The maximum temperature is 100c., but I would not go past 70c. during a stress test. In normal operations you will see much less.

    For just an overclocked cpu, one 120mm case fan is fine. If you have a hot graphics card, you should have at least two 120mm fans taking in cool air, or two exhausting heated air.
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