Changing DELL XPS210 case question.

Hi, I don't know much about computers, but I do want to change my Dell XPS210 tower case really bad.

I want to keep all the components inside since my computer still runs pretty well and I don't want to spend money on new components besides a new tower case.

I was wondering is it possible to move all the components from my XPS210 case into a new Azza Mid Tower Computer Case Triton 401?

Thanks alot~
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  1. The only thing that I know will not fit is the power supply. The Dell is a slimline one that has a non atx power supply whereas the Azza case you are looking into supports atx power supplies
  2. No it is not possible. The XPS 210 uses a micro btx motherboard which would be compatible with a btx case but the Triton 401 is a atx case. BTX cases are quite rare also.
  3. awww ok. thanks for replies
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