Are case fans necessary? (not overclocking)

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for helping me build my new computer. The last thread I made about the psu and your replies to that helped me build a really nice rig which I'm using right now. It is quiet and fast!

Now, I'm curious about something. I got the Antec One Hundred C with a front intake fan, and I seems to suck dust into it. My previous build didn't have any fans, but it still got really dusty inside.

If i'm not overclocking, and I the components I use (i3 2100, 560Ti TwinFrozr II/OC, Corsair 550VX) are one of the coolest running components today. So, is the front intake fan really necessary?

And how do you guys deal with dust in the room?
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  1. They are in a way. It is good to have airflow through the case especially if you are overclocking components.But if you are not, it is still good to have at least a fan that pushes air out.
  2. If I remember that cae right, its got a large rear and top fan so no that front fan isn't essential for your 65w non-overclocked processor.
  3. Although it is not essential for your computer, it's still nice to have good airflow regardless. All antec case should come with front fan dust filters which blocks most of the dust from going in (i have an antec 300).

    You might want to invest in a dust filter instead of taking it out.
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