Will ATi Radeon HD 6990 fit in my CM 690 II Advanced

Hey guys,
I know this card isn't released yet but will it fit in the chassis. I'm doubting it but just checking.
Also my sis is in new york and able to get it for me, so when's the actual launch date?
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  1. No, I doubt so too. But you can read about the card teaser here:

  2. If it's length is reasonable yes it's possible will fit.
    Really will depend on your mobo and the proper pciex16 slot lining up.
    When the dimensions are released measure your case.
    The bottom hdd cage is removable in the CM690II.
  3. Yeah good idea. Will wait for dimensions to be released.
    Have an MSI 890FXA-GD70 mobo.
    Apparently release date is 8th March.
  4. Is this card better over having 2 sli/ crossfire of 6000 series or 500 series nvidia?
  5. I'm guessing it is. As it is essentially 2 6970s on 1 PCB. Even if an SLi or xFire is a little faster it scores on using less power, cooler and also future proof since you can add another HD 6990 in the future.
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