Asus z68 Luci Logicx virtu run down

Hey all,

I recently upgraded my system (specs listed below) and am trying to work through the new luci logicx virtu software. Had a few questions about it's practical use/if it's even worth using, so I thought I'd pick the brains of the forum users at tom's hardware.

My comp-
I5 2500k @4.6ghz (watercooled)
asus p8z68-v/gen3
corsair vengeance 4x4gig @1600mhz
corsair 750w psu
radeon hd 4870

This is what I've gathered so far regarding the new tech

1) It's based on intel's quicksync technology for transcoding/rendering, but ALSO bounces the system back and forth between the integrated sandy bridge gpu and your dedicated gpu (in my case, my radeon 4870). It has two modes, d mode which only uses the dedicated graphics, and i mode which switches between the two. Namely, when the system is using less and less resources, it automatically switches to the integrated sandy bridge gpu to save power.

2)My first problem comes about figuring out how to switch on my integrated graphics using the asus bios. I can't seem to find this option. Could this possibly be because i need to flash my bios, or possibly because I need to install a certain driver for my sandy bridge gpu?

3) Ive read certain places about when using virtu, you need to specify what programs you want it to use. Could someone confirm/refute this?

4)Transcoding. I mainly use sony vegas/photoshop/adobe after effects for editing videos. Does this technology improve render times like it claims? I've heard that intel quick sync is only supported by a handful of programs that utilize it to it's full capacity, but nevertheless, having more gpu "power" on your system (for me, my radeon card + the i5 gpu) would increase productivity, right?

5) how to use properly. With this whole Igpu thing, and considering I'm running dual monitors that are BOTH hooked up to my radeon card, do I need to have one of them connected to the motherboard's hdmi/dvi port to fully access virtu?

Thanks for your time, I've just read so many articles and posts on this, I would like to get a definitive answer.

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  1. 1.) I was looking in to crossfire or a higher GPU than mine, and noticed exactly what you said: Lucid Virtu scales down my GPU, and uses the iGPU MOST OF THE TIME, for my use. So why buy another GPU?

    2.) It's in there. I have thet P8Z68-V Pro. Let me find the online manual, and I'll point to you it.

    3.) Virtu can only help with some programs, but they are in the softwares dataset, and updatd with each "driver" update. No interaction required from you.

    4.) I think so. That's what it's really for.

    5.) No, if you have dual DVI output on the video card (which some don't) it'll run both monitors, and Virtu will still do it's thing. I've also read don't use the HDMI outputs, as it limits the screen resolution to 1920x1080. Both my monitors (2 PCs) have higher output via DVI-D.
  2. Thanks for the info. This is kinda what I had gathered, but I just wanted to be sure.
  3. Follow Up #2:

    In the BIOS, when in Advanced Mode, Under the Advanced tab/option, se tthe iGPU to Enabled, for Lucid Virtu. It even says that on the choices.

    Page 3-17 in the manual, Section 3.5.2.
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