NETGEAR WNDR3700 disconnects

Hey guys, so I recently got NETGEAR WNDR3700, well more like a few months now, and at first I noticed every week or so my connections drops and I would have to go through the whole resets modem/router ordeal. But lately it's been getting a lot worst, when it shuts off, I immediately run to the modem/router setup and see which lights went off. Oddly enough, both seem to show they're connected, modem and router. It is all connections dropping too just not my computer. So this meaning, the two other rooms wired, and 1 wi-fi connection of my iphone.

As far as I know the firmware is up to date, the modem (according to the front light indicators) are not shutting off. Are there any additional diagnostic steps I can take to pin point the issue? Or should I just replace both devices and hope for the best lol.
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  1. Maybe increasing the lease time?
    Set to 99999 minutes and see if it helps.
  2. is that on my modem or router?
  3. jrel209 said:
    is that on my modem or router?

    In the router. Assigns local IP lease time.
  4. I'm sorry to ressurect this old thread but I can't seem to find an answer to my problem.

    I am having the same issue as described here. I have to reset my router every week or so as it would drop lan connections. It has got to the point where i have to reset it daily. The weird thing is that I can still ping the router from outside my network when it drops the connections.

    Even local network resources become unavailable when it does this.
  5. I might have a solution for the now and then network connection drop on the wdr3700.

    I noticed that my network resources are still available during the drop, but the internet connection is lost.

    After fiddling for weeks I found out what works for me:

    In the lan and wireless lan settings, only set the DSP servers according to your provider's IP adresses. THat is in the Internet protocol (TCP/IP) section.

    So leave the "obtain ip adress automatically..." alone (obtain automatic or manual pre-set. Not important here.)
    And set the "Use the following DNS server adresses..." to your ISP WAN DSP server adresses. These can be found in the status screen of your Netgear router via Or via your ISP's connection manual.

    SInce then, no more connectivity losses for me.

    Succes, Frank.
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