Advice for my first rig

I had a few question since I'm new to the homebuilt rig.

So before I order everything, a little advice from experienced rig builder would be nice :)

Coolermaster HAF X RC-942-KKN1
Coolermaster GX 750W 80+
Asus Crosshair IV Formula
AMD Phenom II X4 975 or AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
Corsair XMS 8GB (4x2) DDR3 SDRAM 1333
x2 XFX Radeon HD 6870 Xfire
Coolermaster V6GT

First, I'd like to know if i have enough of 750w from the PSU to power all that plus a 1Tb HDD, maybe an SSD and the usual DVD/Blu-ray?

Then which MoBo would suit best a gaming rig between my two option? Or even another I have not tought of.

Finally is there any restriction I may encounter ?

Thanks for the advice/answer, I can't wait to replace my old laptop :hello:
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  1. for the money, you'll do better with a Sandy Bridge Processor and an AS Rock Extreme 4 motherboard, a 620-650W from Antec, XFX, Corsair, or SeaSonic will do for your crossfired 6870s.
  2. ^ I agree with Sqrl. Sandy bridge is they way to go right now.
  3. I forgot to mention that I'd prefer getting an AMD Mobo to get a Bulldozer cpu once the price goes down after it hits the market.
  4. That makes sense. Also as Sqrl said, a 750w from one of the brands he mentioned would be much better.
  5. I've found a link on this forum to compare different pieces:

    I was wondering if it was a reliable source of comparison or not.
  6. Ok, I updated my build, here's the fact.

    Case: Coolermaster HAF X RC-942-KKN1

    PSU: Corsair GS800 800W

    Mobo: Asus Crosshair IV Formula

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2GHz

    RAM: Corsair XMS 8GB (4Gbx2) DDR3 SDRAM 1600

    GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB

    1. Since I want my computer soon and replace the CPU by a Bulldozer eventually, I wonder if the CPU is the best choice / will work with this build ?

    2. I'm also thinking to get another 6950 in crossfireX someday. Is this Mobo gonna take it? Since the GPU is SO HUGE (takes 3 PCI slots) :o It looks like it could block some connectors below the last PCI slot...

    3. Finally, is there any major flaws in this build ? :p
  7. Lol, I would get a smaller 6950. Is there a reason you want the 2gb 6950, perhaps for flashing? If not, get one of these maybe:
    If you want 2gb, get a twin frozr II:
  8. The reason behind the 3slot 6950 was that I need to fill the HAF X casing :P But for "physics" limitation I'd rather go for a The advantage of it is that its a reference and can be boosted to a "6970", so is what I've read on the forum.

    But my main concern is about the Phenom II X2 955 will be able to get the job done for the time the Bulldozer get on the market at a reasonable price or should i try to get my hand on Phenom II X4 975?
  9. If you meant x4 955, you will be fine. Even a dual core will perform ok, and you don't need it for long term since Bulldozer is rumored to be coming as soon as next month.
  10. No, I meant Phenom II X2 555. I'm not sure if it could run game as Metro 2033, Crysis 2 and Rift with maxed out graphics. I'm pretty sure a X4 955 would but the cheapest AMD AM3 PCU I don't know...

    My only gaming PC experience is a crappy laptop :??: I try to gather as much info I can by myself but sometimes a pro's advice is worth many reviews with too many spec I don't know anything about :P
  11. Well, the other option is get the Athlon X4 640 (same price as 555). Here's a comparison benchmark, and as you can see the 555 is faster, unless the program can utilize 4 cores (most games can) If it were me, I'd pick the quad, but it's really all up to you
  12. alternately, you can go with the 3-core Athlon II X3 450, which is $20 cheaper nd splits the difference (3 cores at 3.2 GHz)
  13. Ok lets say I forget the idea of waiting for an AMD Bulldozer CPU and instead go all out for an Intel i-5 2500K with an ASRock Fatal1ty P67 PROFESSIONAL.

    I've read that this setup is easily OC'able to 4/4.3 Ghz but need a really good cooling.

    Should I stick with a CoolerMaster V6GT or go for a watercooled heatsink? I've heard good comment on the Corsair H60 but I'm wondering if this all-in watercooler is reliable? And how much better it would keep the CPU cooler than the V6GT ?

    The positive point of the H60 as I see so far is that I'll be sure to be able to put Ram with heat spreader since theres possibilities that the V6GT will obstruct the 1st Ram slot
  14. the H60 is no better than a $30 air cooler.

    If you really wanna OC, I suggest a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ ($30) or a Thermatake Frio ($58)
  15. lets not take budget in consideration for the cpu cooling. I planned to replace the single fan on the H60 for 2 better fan in push/pull config. with that said, it should be on par with the "CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ or a Thermatake Frio" but also the h60 relieve stress on the mobo from being lighter.

    with all the advice you guys provided I keep refining my choice :) keep commenting it makes me think about different perspective, theres so much to learn when you're a total newb :)
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