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I will be moving soon and wont be able to take my router with me. I do not know what model router I will be getting, and so I can't match a wireless card to the router. I am looking for the best possible wireless router (PCI or PCIe) to maintain a good signal for gaming and streaming.

Budget is somewhat of an issue, so if possible I would like to keep it in the $50ish dollar range. Give or take a few either side. Thanks for the help!
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  1. I don't think it's the model number that matters in terms of wireless signal but rather b, g, or n designation. B and G is mainly for home use and N is used now-a-days for business although high-speed internet does support N. I have a USB wireless adapter that can receive all three and it cost ~13USD on sale, ~20USD normally.
  2. The router will either be G or N. I am looking for a wireless adapter that will maintain a strong signal (No random drops) and has a strong antenna for decent distances. Anybody have good luck with a certain kind? will not go the USB route
  3. Btw, it will be used on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. And WPA2 is a must. Just thought I'd throw that in there...
    This is what I am considering atm:
    Rosewill RNX-N300X

    Anybody have any better ideas?
  4. I was just looking at wireless cards myself. I believe for gaming you will want a card that uses dual band. It isn't required but I think I read that you can get a speed boost with a dual band card and router.

    I am looking at these two so far:

    Linksys E4200 Wireless N Router

    Cisco-Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter with Dual-Band
  5. Dual band uses both the standard 2.4ghz range + a 5ghz for the second band. A true dual band has two separate radios capable of running 1 client with 2.4ghz b/g/n and 1 running 5ghz a/n. However, while the speeds are faster with the dual band, the range may be considerably lower. If you need the range, 2.4ghz goes much further. If you need the throughput, the 5ghz can be marginally faster. It's not for me, but for some people its great. has some router tests that may interest you.
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