Best Laptop for Gaming?

WHat is a good laptop to buy that can run starcraft 2, mass effect 2, dragon age, etc. on ultra and at least 40-60 frames? Is it possible to get the laptop for around $700-$1200?
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  1. For that price would be difficult. But here are some options
    Then you can check the gaming capabilities here
  2. Buy a laptop for $400 and spend $800 to build a desktop. Voila.
  3. Personally, I find Sager ( to be great lappies. I'm on my 2nd one now. They have many models and options to pick through, and their higher end models are similar to AlienWare, but at a better price. I bought my last one through for $100 under Sager's online price.

    So for a laptop I recommend Sager, and to order I recommend XoticPC (they also sell other brands)
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