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Hello Guys,

I want your opinion on this situation, I want to buy this motherboard Mobo, but due the fact that it supports 2 video cards, its bigger then a standard one, by 1.8 inches to be precise.Will a normal ATX Compatible case hold it? paticulary this one HAF

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  1. Normal ATX board in a normal ATX case, looks good to me!
  2. Well its not normal, it's 1.8 inches bigger.I'm not an expert, never installed a motherboard, but shouldn't 1.8 inches matter when you are supposed to install something in a pre-drilled hole that was 1.8 inches away then what you have now?
  3. I don't know where you're getting that it's 1.8 inches bigger than what you're expecting, I can assure you that it's standard ATX size, 12" x 9.6."

    Compare it to any other standard ATX mobo out there.
  4. Standard ATX

    The bigger crossfire/sli MOBO

    Look at "Dimensions (L x W, cm):".
  5. The one you have labeled as "Standard ATX" is uncharacteristically narrow for an ATX board. You don't have to believe me, but that board is standard for the ATX spec.
  6. Oh, my bad.As I said, I'm not good at these things, you just said pick any ATX board and that one came randomly.But if you say its okay, I'l trust you <3.

  7. I meant to compare them on Newegg, where the numbers are reliable and in inches :)
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