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Hello all.

I got into the CS:GO beta and was all really excited and happy until I loaded into a game and got stuck with a constant 9-10 fps. At first I was very confused, because I thought my computer was clearly good enough to run this. I get 100+ fps in every other game including MW3, TF2, CSS, DoD:S, SC2. So I go to the steam CS:GO forums for some reasoning behind this. I tried most of the simple things like turning vsync off and I still got stuck at 10fps. I then ran into a forum post with people having the same problem I am.

I'll first post my specs:

AMD FX 4100 3.60Hz processor
AMD 6670 HD Graphics card
Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 mobo
8GB of RAM.

So it seems that the FX "bulldozer" processors were having some problems with CS:GO but it seemed that people just needed to update their bios. After I talked to a valve employee I was stung with the news that my mobo was not compatible with my processor so the fix to valve games with FX processors would not work. Now this surprised me a lot because why could I run every other game I played just fine except for this one. Well he told me that CS:GO used a new source engine as well as Portal 2 (which I never played). He also told me I will run into other problems playing newer games along the way.

Well this news really sucks and I would like to know if it is true and if there is anything I can do about it if it is. I bought my computer off of newegg and it's manufacturer is cyberpowerpc. I learned that cyberpower isn't the best company as they used cheap parts on their power supply and other things. But after enough research they seemed alright and a pretty big company. Now if this news is true that my processor is in fact not compatible with my computer this is absolutely not ok that they put a processor that isn't compatible with my motherboard.

I would first like to now if it is in fact not compatible and really what my options are.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Is your motherboard rev. 1.3 or 3.1? Your AMD FX 4100 3.60Hz processor is compatible with the rev. 3.1 motherboard.
  2. Is there a way to find out which one it is because I am not sure.

    EDIT: I would also like to say that I think mine is a rev 3.1 because on my Utility DVD that came with the motherboard it says it supports AM3+ and on the rev 1.3 link it doesn't say it supports it.

    EDIT2: I downloaded CPU-Z and it said that I have BIOS update version FB which is only one the rev. 3.1 so I feel like I have this motherboard. However with CPU-Z under rev. it says I have A3 for chipset GeForce 7025 and A2 for nForce 630a.
  3. The version number is written on the motherboard. Gigabyte normally provide that info on the box the motherboard came in. Since the system works, it most likely is rev. 3.1.
  4. Yeah I feel like I def have rev. 3.1 and the update of the FB which includes AM3+. And the guy at valve told me that's the reason I am having problems running CS:GO because my mobo doesn't have AM3+ to support my CPU but it seems as if I do. So now I'm not understanding the problem with running CS:GO.
  5. You definitely have a rev. 3.1 motherboard becauuse the latest BIOS for ver. 1.3 is F1. Valve tested AMD FX processors on AMD 990FX chipset motherboards, but they mention nothing about the chipset on your motherboard. The support person at Valve probably wants you to get a motherboard with an AMD 990FX chipset as those seem to work fine once the latest BIOS has been flashed.
  6. Okay well that makes a little more sense, but shouldn't my computer still be able to run it? It just seems so bizarre because I've never had trouble with any other games. I mean maybe it's because it's just in beta but just seems weird to me.
  7. You either get hardware that runs it or you wait until it's fixed. I'd wait because a lot of people use that processor on an NVidia chipset motherboard and they should run into the same issue. AMD had to release a BIOS update because systems were crashing.
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