Computer Crashed?! Help!

So I used autotune from the catalyst control to tune my processor. I used corsair h50 as my cooling method and I managed to overclock my AMD Phenom x4 955 from 3.2 GHZ to 3.9 GHZ. After a while on Prime95 to test if my clocks were stable, my computer just SHUT DOWN. I hit the power button to boot my PC again but it wouldnt turn on. After a few minutes I hit the power button and the computer turned on. However, my monitor wouldnt appear and it said "No Signal", after checking my cables I turn the computer off and tried to turn on again but it wouldnt turn on again. I opened up the case tried EVERYTHING to turn that thing on, but to no avail. I narrowed down my hypothesis to either my CPU, Motherboard, OR Power Supply failed. I doubt my power supply has failed because I have 2 power supplies, and I tried both to power my PC, but none worked! How can I see which of my components failed? Please help me with any advice you can give!

AMD Phenom x4 955 Black Edition 3.2 GHZ

Corsair 4GB DDR3

Radeon 4870 512mb

MSI GF615M-P31

Coolmax 600w

2 Hard drives...

1 DVD Drive
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  1. Oh and Should I change my motherboard battery? Is that one of the problems?
  2. You can try to remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes then pop it back in. It's also not a good idea to make that big of a jump when overclocking, as you found out. Do it only a couple hundred MHz at a time and adjust your voltages as you go so everything is stable.
  3. no signal mean no video output check graphic card
  4. 2 things, its either your mobo or your processor has been damaged, i think its your mobo, usually if processor heats up badly the mobo is the one damaged.
    if you turn on the power button and the fans are moving then its not the psu because its powering the fans, even if the fans are connected to the mobo it will not be affected. one thing will keep the fan shut is if the psu is dead.
  5. I don't think it was overclocked too much. But you have a problem to fix. If it were me, I'd disconnect just about everything (HDD's, Graphics card) and start with a basic MB/CPU/RAM and see if it will power the fans. Then add back the graphics card and see if the monitor responds. Then add back one HDD and then the other. Sometimes a 'frozen' HDD will prevent a boot-up just by being plugged in.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies!
    I checked my processor and memory on another computer and it worked fine!
    I removed all my components aside from the PSU, Processor, MOBO and I still get nothing. Just a reminder, my computer doesn't turn on at all so it can't possibly be the video card. I am starting to think my motherboard is the problem, if not what else can? + How can I check if my motherboard has fried or just failed?
  7. im sure its not the vcard and memory, and you said you have 2 psu and still your pc wont power, so psu is good. its the mobo or processor. you dont need to test the mobo, just remove the processor and test them to some computer compatible or to some repair shop, if that computer work fine with your processor then its the mobo for sure.
  8. I already checked the processor on a separate computer. So i'm pretty sure the motherboard is the problem. I'll probably get my motherboard checked by the store just to make sure the motherboard is the problem. Thanks!
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